Grandma Party 2010 Vendors

Grandma Party is a semi-annual event hosted by Stardust Video and Coffee, a long-standing hipster hangout and art / performance space in Orlando, right on the edge of Winter Park in the Audubon Park district. Meet some of the vendors, and see some of the sights and sounds, but sadly not the smells. This 8th Grandma Party was held December 19th, 2010 – just in time for Holiday gift shopping.

Dewey Chaffee selling bird feeders so he can feed himself:

Indy Visuals (whose Etsy seems to be down) and Mother Falcon, not to mention the Lobster Hat:

Karie Sue Creations with her feather headpieces and Seed Orlando Art Alliance:

Live music by Sheetfort, one of dozens of acts. This video also includes a quick tour of the show:

You can’t forget the Grandma Party Christmas Choir:

Video by fxyrctz

I got an Alchemy haircut:

I always look forward to Grandma Party, and this year’s event was no disappointment. See you in a few months for the next one!

Return of the Orlando Arts Sampler, just $99

A while back we wrote about the Real Orlando, Real Entertainment package – which disappeared when the Orlando Opera folded. Now, the Red Chair Project is promoting a very similar package. Even though some of the dates have passed, this is still an outstanding deal!

Once you pay your $99 (plus a $7.50 online tix fee), you will be snail-mailed a voucher for each organization on the list. Each voucher is good for one ticket to one show or exhibit this season. You generally call them or go to their box office to pick up the tickets – each org has a slightly different system for redeeming the tickets.

The organizations participating are:

  1. Mad Cow Theatre Company
  2. Orlando Museum of Art
  3. Orlando Shakespeare Theater, In Partnership w/ UCF
  4. Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra
    Orlando Ballet
  5. FAIRWINDS Broadway Across America – Orlando
  6. Festival of Orchestras
  7. Orlando Repertory Theatre
  8. Bach Festival Society

For a full list of events and details, as well as online or phone purchases, visit the Red Chair Project website.

Vegetarian Indian Food in Orlando

I often complain there is not much Indian food in my neighborhood, but there are lots of great Indian places. Some are vegetarian only, some aren’t, some are Americanized, some are less so, but they’re all pretty great.

There’s almost a Vegetarian Indian District in the OBT/Florida Mall area, topped off with an Indian grocery in the same area. I have yet to try them all, but I’ve heard it’s certainly worth checking out. Two bonus reviews for you too, one by I-Drive and Kirkman and the other in East Orlando near UCF.

1. Woodlands Indian Cuisine

I often go for a sampler, about $16, which features small bowls of different sauces, soups and even a dessert, along with a bit of rice, some flat bread and a few appetizers – including a veggie and potato Somosa, yum! The other popular choice for us are called Dosas, which are giant pancakes/crepes with some filling, normally potato, rolled inside. They always bring a pitcher of water to the table, and be ready for some spicy food. You can request different levels of heat for some dishes.

I first heard about Woodlands from some vegetarian/vegan friends of mine. I have been seeking out veggie places lately, because it lets me know I have a city that is tolerant of different lifestyles, and it proves I don’t have to move somewhere else to get access to other cultures. This restaurant is not decorated very lavishly, unless you count the lemon and chili peppers hanging by the front door. Right off of north OBT, easy to get to, and always good service, and a staff who is used to helping us Americans figure out what we should order.

2. Udipi Café

Head here for the lunch buffet. Completely worth your time. They even have a dish on the buffet that resembles “Sloppy Joe”, but it’s made with some meat substitute, and still served on a plain hamburger bun. Every buffet comes with a giant Dosa pancake/crepe filled with potato and vegetable – delicious. The food is all vegetarian. (hint: Udipi is a region of India that is known for vegetarian food) Would definitely come here again, despite the fact that it’s almost up in Longwood, which is not close to my home. Hopefully I’ll have a good excuse to go again soon!

3. Khasiyat Indian Restaurant

The interior (and exterior) is not all that interesting, but they do have a a few things going for them. The service was pretty delightful. We saw a large family who must have been visiting the theme parks, and made the trip all the way out to this neighborhood for a taste of home. I’m also going to assume they might have been vegetarian, which can be a challenge at the local theme parks, unless you like salad. After having been to a few other vegetarian places in town, Khasiyat held few surprises, but they did sport a television with music videos and other Bollywood gems.

Will you record a YouTube Video on Saturday?

YouTube, Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald are putting together what claims to be the most videotaped day in human history. Let’s help them make it so.
The film will premier at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Anyone who gets video in the film will be credited as a co-director, and 20 of those people get a trip to Sundance.

How do I submit my video(s)?
Between 24 July and 31 July, just click the “Submit” tab on Life In A Day channel and upload the footage directly from your computer. The “Submit” tab will become visible on 24 July.

Does my video have to be documentary? Can it be fiction?
All we’re asking is for you to document your world over the course of a single day; we expect most videos to comprise documentary footage, but if you think that your world is best captured through fictional storytelling or even animation, it is entirely up to you.

Do I need permission to record other people in my video?
Yes, you do need permission to include other people in your video. If your video makes it through the first stage of our selection process, we will email you release forms which you must send back to us signed by anyone who appears in your video.

Can I use music?
Please avoid the use of music within your submission.

What do I need to know about recording sound?
It’s important to think about the audio on your video, as sound recording often affects the overall quality of a video. Good sound recording will probably increase the chance of your footage being chosen to be in the final film. If possible, it would be great to enhance your recording by using external microphones, in addition to those built in to most cameras.

When is the Sundance Film Festival?
The 2011 Sundance Film Festival will take place from 20 January to 30 January 2011. The premiere date of Life In A Day will be announced closer to the start of the festival.

Get Literary with 67 Books

All week long, the roof of the Downtown Orlando Library will be filled with voices reading some of their favorite words. It’s called 67 Books, and it’s the latest creation of serial performer Brian Feldman.
Terry Olson reads The Tale of Despereaux on roof of Orlando P... on Twitpic
Above: Terry Olson reads from The Tale of Desperaux

It’s not just humans getting into the mix, either. Puppets and Monsters are sure to appear during the hour organized by Brian’s wife, a member of a local performance group called Thunderhag & the Thunderland Orchestra.

If you’re not able to make it downtown, or you’re house-bound, Brian will be Tweeting and Live-streaming pretty much every major (or minor) event during the week.
And... we're off! Actually, we're ON the roof! @67Books @ocls... on Twitpic

Mayor Buddy tears down the Arena to put in…a watercolor painting?

Our beloved Amway Arena will soon be replaced by the… Amway Events Center, down near the intersection of I-4 and 408. This means the current Arena and that huge parking lot will become mostly useless. The Bob Carr will remain in operation – possibly indefinitely – until the new Performing Arts Center is built. As for the rest of the land, well, let’s just say that Mayor Buddy has big dreams!

There are lots of watercolor drawings and slideshows with maps available on the City of Orlando’s website. They have a page with a few downloadable documents created that outline the gentrification of Parramore, creating lots of “party curb” streets (so drunk people don’t trip?), and making greater use of parks and public spaces. They also want to make sure the venues and other city buildings are “good neighbors”, whatever that means.

If you want to hear this BS in person, they’re having an event on Monday at City Hall. It seems to be open invite, so if you care about the future of downtown, make some time in your schedule for this.

Creative Village event March 22nd

Creative Village event March 22nd

If I’m allowed to videotape, the meeting will show up on our Watch Live page.

A Quick list of fun things to do in Orlando

As I get older, I tend to have more and more visitors come down looking for a break from the rest of the world. Orlando can be a pretty good place to do that. It’s one of the top vacation spots, after all!

As we have people visit, we’ve started to compile a list of activities (some are mega-touristy) and restaurants that we can recommend to everyone. Here they are, in no particular order:

Note: links to Go Orlando Card are part of an affiliate program.

Mobile Art Show at Third Thursdays Art Walk

Orlando, FL – Mark Baratelli of the Daily City shows us the art show in a U-Haul Truck.

Every month, downtown Orlando galleries open their doors for a new art exhibition called Third Thursdays. Mark parks the Mobile Art Show in front of CityArts Factory on the corner of Pine Street and Orange Avenue.

Audobon Park Community Market

Every Wednesday Night, Stardust and Ourlando play host to Audobon Park Community Market from 6pm – 10pm.

Bring cash, check out some local music, artists, and food. Holly Riggs shows us her Tarot booth and talks about her music. Ryan also shows off some of the food vendors.

likemind.orl: Fri Jun 19th @ Drunken Monkey

Tomorrow morning at 8AM, people in 60 cities all over the world will get together for coffee and conversation, continuing a 3-year tradition that started with 2 trendsetters in New York who decided to have good coffee and conversation in real life instead of online. In Orlando, we hold Likemind at the Drunken Monkey, one of the best coffee shops in town, every third Friday of the month. Watch the twitters about likemind scroll by today and tomorrow to see all the other people and places that get involved in this international affair.

To get email updates about future Likemind events in Orlando, check out the Likemind.orl group on, or use the direct registration link.